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Handball - 1999 St. Albans Mixed Doubles
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Adrianne and Roger

Tanya and Power

Veronica and George

Tony and Melody

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Sept 25, 1999
There were 24 entrants in the Mixed Double Tournament and each team has it's own story. Some of the couples are featured below.

Roger and Adrianne, winners of the event in both 1996 and 97 are close on and off the field. The game has always been part of their relationship.

Power and Tanya are strong players who met on the courts and have been playing together as a team since. Power was co-winner of last weeks "B" ranked tournament, sponsored by O.O.H. A.

George and Veronica, another top ranked team, feel that playing together benefits the relationship. Veronica said "We learn to communicate better. On the court we listen to each other, giving suggestions to improve our play. You can't get upset or defensive with each other and when you leave the court you have to be able to leave the game alone. You can talk about it later but you can't let yourself get excited about it if you lose."

This is exactly what some couples realize they can't do and so, they make sure not to team up. Gladys and Emmitt, two Big Blue champions do not play together because they tend to take it home and fight. In fact there are several strong teams made up of top players, who don't play with their "significant others" because it adds tension to the relationship.

Each team has it's story. Melody and Tony, met last December on the courts. Tony is a champion, winning the Nationals Men's Doubles last year and the year before. Melody is just learning to play, but really enjoys sharing this activity. They were knocked out of the competition early this year, but in the bigger event are advancing well. Tony and Melody have recently become engaged to be married.

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Adrianne and Roger Tanya and Power
Veronica and George Tony and Melody

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