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Handball - 1999 Couples
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Different Ways to Relate

Sept 26, 1999
One-wall handball is an intense sport played in hundreds of parks throughout NYC. Each park, has "local" players, who consider it their home court. There is also a larger handball community, players who've competed against each other in tournaments throughout the years and fans drawn to the excitement of the games.

The competetive play and social interactions have also sparked many a romantic relationship. This week, Streetplay turned it's camera on some of the interesting couples in this community with the simple question "Do you play together?" We received an interesting mix of results.

Note to Readers - Call us sentimental, but unlike most photos on the site, these come in 3 sizes; the small ones displayed on the page, the regular size (click on the small photo to see) and the really large sized shots. To see the large photos go to one of the "Handball's Couples" pages and click the couple's names at the bottom of the pages.

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