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Handball - 1999 Relationships
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Tyhessia and Mike

Aud-rena and Rookie

Sarah and Johnny

Tracey and Cesar

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Sept 26, 1999
These photos, taken at the West 4th Street, competition show some couples involved in the sport.

Mike and Tyhessia are "B" players who enjoy participating in the tournaments. They have been together for about two years, and met at McFadden's Indoor Courts. Tyhessia credits Mike's relaxed nature with allowing them to partner. "It can get intense, but Mike keeps a postivive attitude and remains encouraging." she said.

Rookie and Aud-rena do not play together. Rookie is among the top ranked blue-ball competitors. Aud-rena is nowhere near as involved. Rookie thinks it's best that they keep their partnership off the court.

Johnny and Sarah are a young couple who met six months ago at the Courts on Carmine. They are both new to the sport and enjoy playing together. Watching the West Fourth Tournament was a great 18th birthday for him.

Cesar and Tracey are rising top players who enjoy partnering on the court. "We don't fight while we are playing," she said. Cesar has played hardball longer and has coached Tracey as she has learned the game. Both of them have also taught others about the sport as part of the Inner City Handball Association Clinics.

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Tyhessia and Mike Aud-rena and Rookie
Sarah and Johnny Tracey and Cesar

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