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Handball - 1999 St. Albans Mixed Doubles
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Some of the couples
who participated

Partners in the Game

Sept 25, 1999
Clear blue skies and gentle breezes brushed through the park on this sweet fall day. Twenty four pairs entered the St. Albans Mixed Double Handball competition. But today was not only about athletics and competition. It was also about romance, friendship and community.

The event drew about 150 people, many of them players. Some were couples who met on the courts and whose experience as team mates has strengthened their relationship. Others are friends and great athletes sharing mutual respect and the desire to win.

This is the seventh and last event for the season sponsored by St. Albans Handball Association, perhaps the largest organization dedicated towards Big Blue Handball. Dwight Worley, President of the organization explained that today's competition is the only one of its kind in NYC and it makes for a very interesting day. "The goal is to make it as even as possible, he said." We want everyone to have a chance to win."

Some of the contestants are "A" ranked players, meaning they have won championships. Others are "B" players who have a strong game after playing for awhile. Even relative beginners can participate.

I look at both players on each team, and then handicap the game. "In a 21 match, I'll give anywhere from one to 13 points to a team. Sometimes a team will feel that the point spread has not been fair, but I have a good sense of the player's abilities, so I'm able to usually get it pretty good."

Anyone who has participated in at least two of the previous six events, sponsored by the Association can play in this one, and there is no registration fee. Prizes were $250 for first place, $100 for second and $50 for third. The winners also receive a beautiful trophy.

Some of the Doubles Teams

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