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Handball - 1999 St. Albans Blue Ball Championship
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An Unbeatable Pair

Aug 1, 1999
Handball is a game for singles or doubles, but anyone looking to put together a co-ed pair would be hard pressed to find players to match the "team" of Emmitt Fitzpatrick and Gladys Miranda. You might say they really know each other's game. They should; they've been living together for the past 12 years.

Emmitt, a top ranked blueball player finished second in this year's tournament. Gladys was crowned the Queen of the Courts in mid-July when she won the St. Albans women's competition.

According to Gladys, it was the relationship that sparked her interest in the game. She said "I started going out with Emmitt and saw how involved he was with the sport. I didn't want to be separate from him when he played so I got involved and I grew to love it too.

Practicing and playing competitively with men allowed her to become a leader in the female blue ball field. She is also competing in the black ball tournament as she works to keep improving her form.

Emmitt has a tremendous presence on the court, mixing speed and power. "I started playing with my brother when I was 14 in Kings Park in Jamaica. I wasn't naturally good, but I played everyday. During the summers I was out there from sun up to sun down. By the time I was 18 I could beat everybody.

Gladys admits that while she and Emmitt often enter doubles competitions they rarely play together. She said, "When we compete together we end up fighting and taking it home. We're a better team if we stay separate on the court. We're each other's biggest fans."

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