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Will bike messenger cards be the next wave?
Frank's latest addition is the "Bike Messenger" line of cards

Eddie Maisonet is one of the trading cards now in print
The USHA contracted for a special edition trading card for each of the players who participated in in the 2001 USHA One-Wall Nationals

Handball Cards Debut

Frank Peifer was flying high as webmaster for a young Internet company. However, like many others, when the dotcom bubble burst, Frank had to think about what was next. "That kind of knock forces you to open your mind to how you can use your skills," he said. Frank decided to try and come up with a gig that combines his love for handball with his graphic skills. The result has been a new product, hot on the handball market, the "Handball Trading Cards."

Frank considers himself a steady player, actively playing the game for about 6 years. He played racquetball and tennis in college, but likes handball because it forces you to fully use both hands.

Earlier this year, Frank started making videos of the player and would then capture a video still for use as a small display photo. "It came to me that I should print the photos out as cards. I got a great response to it, so I'm turning it into a business."

Frank's cards include a glossy film shot of the player and caption on the front, a profile with some text description on back. Cards are bound in a protective seal plastic covering. Frank carries at least one card of each player in a binder. "People like looking at the book, but generally just buy their own cards," he said. "It's funny, I give someone a card and for the next few points, it seems to up their game a bit, I think it gives them more incentive - an identity."

The handball card man, Frank Peifer
The handball card man, Frank Peifer

The cards were such a hit that the USHA contracted Frank to make a card for each player in the Nationals. This was Frank's first real contract, and hopefully the beginning of good tidings. Frank plans to branch off from handball to do a series on bike messengers and roller bladers. To Frank, the former xtreme skateboarder, there is a relationship. "They're all fast. I like the speed."

For more info contact Frank or visit his website at

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