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2004 NYC Big Blue Tournament
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Men's Open Finals - Rookie puts it away.
Click for bigger picture

photo by Xavier Gonzalez
Rookie Wright puts it away to take the Men's Open Competition

Women's B Finalists
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photo courtesy of Handball City
Women's B Finalists

Maggie Crespo Slams in NYC Big Blue
London Planetree Park Queens 6/14/04

Handball and controversy seem to go together, particularly when you're talking Big Blue, so it was no surprise to have a good share of disagreement surrounding this year's NYC Big Blue tournament. Most of the debate had to do with events off the court. Unlike previous years, the participants were charged a full entry fee, which significantly reduced the number of players. In addition, there was lingering controversy over last year's tournament, which probably also deterred some getting involved. Less than 150 players ended up competing in an event that has been more than three times that size.

Still, there was a lot to be happy about. The weather was gorgeous and the play was highly competitive, with a number of great matches and a few notable upsets. Rookie Wright edged out Pee-Wee Castro to take the Men's Open just as Maggie Crespo squeaked by Veronica Watson in the Women's Finals (tournament organizers, please schedule the Men's and Women's finals at different times in the future, so fans can see both). Maggie teamed up with Lori Acevedo to take the Open Doubles as well. See below for the final results, check out our Photos Page or go to Handball City for more extensive coverage.

NYC Big Blue Tournament Winners

  • Men's Open Singles - John "Rookie" Wright defeated Peewee Castro 21-19
  • Men's Open Doubles - Jamie Rivera & Paulie Yagual defeated Peewee Castro& Robert Sostre 21-10
  • Women's Open Singles - Maggie Crespo defeated Veronica Watson 21-20
  • Women's Open Doubles - Maggie Crespo & Lori Acevedo defeated Brenda Parres & Bernice Torres - score??
  • Men's B Singles - Ricky Montalvo defeated Carlos Espinal 21-14
  • Men's B Doubles - Joe Thompson/Jamel Gordon defeated Darwin Lee & Mark Sanablia 21-15
  • Women's B Singles - Alethia Mendez defeated Lian Chin 21-16
  • Women's B Doubles - Audrena Best and Tomeko Pearson defeated Deborah Cowell & Cynthia Johnson 21-14
  • Men's C Singles - Gus Hernandez defeated Frank Luna 21-9
  • Women's C Singles - Alethia Mendez defeated Tammy Torres 21-14

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