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It's nice to share
This site is for people to share stories and photos of how they played when they were young. We've gotten some great stuff. Thanks for your support; please contact us if there's something you'd like to share!

Boy on sidewall swinging bat
Click for bigger picture
North Bronx batting style.

Bronx Baseball Pose - Mid 1940s

Submitted by Stan Cooper
This photo of Stan's nephew was taken from Dekalb Ave one block East of Jerome Ave in the Woodlawn and Mosholu area of the Bronx.

Stan also submitted another shot from the early 40s in the Reservoir Oval softball field. He says "It is a picture of my softball team taken the day we won the softball championship of the Reservoir Oval Softball League. Incidentally, I'm the guy at the top right of the picture."

Girl on trike
Click for bigger picture

North Bronx tricycle style.

My First Bike

Submitted by Janet Samiee
"This photo was taken in front of our apartment on Marion Ave. and 188th street in the Bronx around 1955."

Isn't this just an incredible shot of a little kid on a tricycle? And what about the classic cars in the street.

Playing Ace-King-Queen
Click for bigger picture
Little Italy Ace-King-Queen style.

Handball on Mott Street

This photo was submitted by Sal Scalice. Sal says "he was playing handball with Tommy Curcio and Joe Irrera on Mott St. in Little Italy back in 1966."

Thanks also for the shot of the guys hanging out.

Ode to stickball
Click for bigger picture
Margery Wynne poetry style.

Stickball poetry

Submitted By Margery Wynne

My childhood,
the building blocks
that formed my identity,
my character.
Humble beginnings,
a city child with
cement instead of grassy fields.
Stickball in the street,
not little league.
I didn't know that I was deprived.
How can you miss what you've never had?
Now my children have grass, trees,
soccer teams with fancy equipment.
But I don't see the joy in their faces
that would envelop me, the exhilaration
when I slammed that rubber ball
with a mop handle
and scored a triple.
A child with no backyard or
a child with no broken mop handle.
Which ones of us were deprived?

You can see more works by Margery Wynne at her website.

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