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Star in Focus

Shaheeem at OOHA's Lincoln Park Tournament
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Shaheeem at OOHA's Lincoln Park Tournament

  By Tracy Davis and Cesar Sala

Shaheem Nelson

Following is just a draft of notes - article coming this week.

Wants to become a lawyer. Very social person, with formal English - people person. Criminal defense lawyer Did mock trials in defense at Jackson. Hopes to go to John Jay or St John's, two excellent law programs. Might not be able to put as much time in as handball. Still I always try to get in a game or two.

I still play tennis - Jamaica has a tennis team but I probably don't have the time to join them right now. Play more tennis than handball. During the summer I could go out all day 6 hours practicing tennis. After that I would play a couple of games of handball. Playing tennis will help handball, helping you move and develop your foot work

Should mention Tyrone and Vanessa

About the Big Blue Championship

I expected to go in winning. I knew there would be stiff competition, but I've been playing with experienced players and I felt I would win. I felt good. It was something dwelling in me.

I never watch any of my opponents play. I try to go in with a game face - If I lose I might get upset at myself, but this year I have felt very good. However, I believe I think this will be my last year in Juniors I feel I'm physically fit enough to be a great player. Need more power, more intelligence about the game and that will come through experience. Mentioned in the article:

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