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Tribute to Dave Andre
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Commissioner Henry Stern playing Chinese handball.

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Unfamiliar with handball? A few of the basics.

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Dave at home on the courts
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Dave Andre, a great proponent of the game.
Using Handball to Make a Difference
by Ben Brighton
People choose different paths in life. Some seek fortune, adventure, knowledge. Perhaps the best life is one in which you have an impact on others. That was the case of Dave Andre, who by this definition led an exemplary life.

For four decades Dave was a fixture at the famous W4th Street handball courts. By trade, Dave was a guidance counselor already trying to steer young people in the right direction. A handball player in his youth, he chose handball as a means to reach young people, keep them physically healthy and have them strive for goals as they would strive to win games. Under his supervision champions such as Ruben Gonzalez, Angel Marquez, and "Buddy" Gantt flourished.

Dave would often sponsor tournaments and take the money out of his own pocket to cover expenses. Whether it was a kind word or a helping hand he was there for anyone in need. A memorial tournament is being planned in his honor.

Abraham Lincoln was said to have played handball. Well he has just been sent a doubles partner; Dave Andre.

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