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Do you have information about these Hot Topics?
We often get questions from readers about a wide variety of topics related to play. Some we know, for others, we need help. Please Click on the link to see the questions (and perhaps provide the answer) about any of the following hot topics.
  • Go Carts - How were they made?
  • Handball Court - Can a temporary, inexpensive one be built for a special program hosted by the Smithsonian Museum?
  • Game info - Anyone know how to score Double-Dutch Contests? Interested in joining a stickball league? Ever hear of Fox in the Wall? Remember the rules to Knucks?
  • Photos - Looking for old Coney Island Shots

Go Carts

If you search for Go Carts on the net, you'll probably find information about supped up mini mobiles, which are really small high powered racers. Who remembers old time go carts, made up of spare wood (often supermarket boxes) and wheels from shopping carts, old carriages or skates. And these hot rods were not powered by fossil fuels, but by a friends push and the pull of gravity down a daredevil hill? I live in a neighborhood with some great hills and want to build an old-style cart form my 10 year old son and friends. Any information, pictures or tips would help.
Thanks from Glen -
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Anyone know how to make a cheap handball court??

In the summer of 2001, the Smithsonian Museum's Center on Folklife will celebrate NYC in its 35th annual festival in Washington DC. The festival, which occurs for a 2 week period, surrounding the July 4th weekend, will highlight various features of the Big Apple, such as Wall Street, Broadway, different ethnic neighborhoods and much more. Streetplay has been asked to demonstrate and teach the street games featured on our site.

In developing the program, we've suggested that a handball court be created to allow demonstrations of handball and other wall based games. The problem is that the court would have to be temporary as the festival is run on the Washington Mall area between the capitol and the Washington Monument, and it must not damage this National Park area. Given the temporary nature of the event, budgetary restraints are also a factor.

The question is - Does anyone have a good idea on how to create a temporary handball court (under $7,000) that can be used for this occasion. It should probably be constructed of wood and include a wooden floor. Ideas on construction of a new wall, or use of some kind of existing wall are appreciated.
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The USHA is looking into making "spaldeen like balls." Any stickball players interested in testing them out? Thanks Albert Apuzzi

We plan to start a stickball league in Brooklyn. Anyone interested should get in touch with us. Thanks - Albert Colon

Double Dutch
I am looking to start a double dutch contest I have the girls to do it but I don't have rules. I know also that I need more info on how to score a contest. Help me please. Thanks Deacon William

Fox in the Wall
Are you familiar with a game called "Fox in the wall"? One of the employees here at school where I work is trying to remember how to play it. Thanks from Becky

I am interested in learning more about is a card game called 'Knucks'. I believe it was played with three cards, but can't remember the details. I do remember, however, that losers were whacked across the knuckles, hence the name. I thought would be a good place to start my search for info. Thanks - Jim Eigo
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I'm very interested in photos of Coney Island @1960. Any help would be deeply appreciated! Thanks from Paul -
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