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Butterhup Tourney
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Taking it in at the Butterhup Tourney.
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Butterhup sweetened the ďpotĒ with a cash donation to a one-day menís pro-doubles event at Coney Island.
Butterhup tourney is a hit!
Birthdays are for fun and turning 86 years old is as good a cause for celebration as any. Artie "Butterhup" Cussell decided to enjoy his day doing what he loves best, being with good friends and playing handball. Artie sweetened the pot with a cash donation to the tourney and had a birthday tournament that brought the top handball players together for a quality "local" meet. Great games were played and it was in the spirit of celebration. Congratulations to Artie and the players who participated.

Tony Roberts & Dave Rojas take Butterhup

The following summary of the finals match was written by Melody Ruiz.

The three game finals match pit the reigning World Champs, Tony Roberts and Dave Rojas against the reigning National Champs, Joe Kaplan and Cesar Sala. The first game of the match went by quickly. Dave used his overpowering drives to keep the opponents back while Tony swooped in for the kill. The World Champs won this game 21 - 10.

Flip to the second game, and all the poise and tactics of the first were reversed. Joe warmed up and hit some monster shots, while Cesar did his usual acrobatic routine to retrieve some amazing gets. They were hot and stood in the match by winning the second game with ease at 21 - 9.

The crucial and grueling tie breaker was tough, as Coney Islandís favorite team Joe and Cesar battled World Champs Tony and Dave to the end. Back and forth the volleys and serves went until Tony served and scored six points in a row, putting the team back in the game after being down 5 -2. By strategically killing shots and exhibiting his natural talent for the game, Tony justified why he is called the "Silent Assassin." Dave maintained his overpowering drives, and made some miraculous gets of his own. In the end Joe and Cesar had to succumb to Tony and Dave who came out the winners and still champs with a score of 11 - 8.

Iím sure we can all look forward to the repeat World Champions battling it out with the current National Champs in the upcoming 2001 Nationals.

Butterhup photo album.

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