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Your guide to the special parts of Streetplay
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Streetplay Features: Section guide

• A Playful World
• Junkyard Sports
• Let's Play for Peace
• Essays & Commentary
• Reviews
• New on the site

Take a look at the stuff that Streetplay does

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These Washington DC area kids learned Ace-King-Queen in minutes at the the 2001 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

We've done a lot of stuff over the years at Streetplay! Not only do we try to give you best-of-web coverage and background about all of the games of the city, we're also reached out in other directions. Use this as your guide to some of the extra-special features you'll find on our site!

Features on Streetplay
  • A Playful World
  • We believe in play as both a universal positive force, and something that ties us all together no matter how diverse our cultures are. In this section, we explore the habits of childhood play in other countries as familiar as Spain and as exotic as Belize.

  • Junkyard Sports
  • We're proud to be partnering with the renowned webmeister Bernie DeKoven--known to many as Major Fun--to deliver the power of creative play to the corners of corporate America. If you need to inject some fun into your organization, read more about it!

  • Let's Play for Peace
  • Keeping in the spirit of the humanizing power of play, our newest feature invites you to join us in making the world a more peaceful place through play.

  • Essays & Commentary
  • We always have our eyes peeled for Streetplay events that get covered in the media, especially when our games are discussed in a sociological or academic manner. This feature is a collection of such articles that have appeared over the years.

  • Reviews
  • As Streetplay appears in books and other media, we take notice and review these appearences.

  • New on the site
  • Streetplay has done a lot of stuff, especially considering that we're the product of just 2 guys doing this in their spare time. Even so, what's on the site is impressive, and this section is your guide to what's the latest on Streetplay.

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