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Whenever we read a book or watch a movie, we're on the lookout for the presence of Streetplay. In this review section, we catalog some of the best we've seen to date. If you have something you'd like us to consider for review, please contact us!

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Last Licks
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Last Licks: This is wonderful children's book about a girl, her lucky spaldeen, and the trouble it gets her into when she loses it. This review includes an interview with the author, Cari Best.
Sewer Balls
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Sewer Balls: Steven Schindler's novel about Catholic school eighth graders in the northwest Bronx encompasses many of the cultural happenings of the early 1960s. It's an ambitious and enjoyable novel that captures the flavor of both New York City and the adolescent experience.
The Games We Played
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The Games We Played: Steven Cohen interviewed many celebrities, and came up with this collection of childhood reminiscences from a diverse group of celebrities, from Bill Clinton to Esther Williams.
The Pinky Ball Book
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The Pinky Ball Book: Part of Workman Press's childhood game instructional series, this book explains eveything you might want to do with a rubber ball--and comes with one to boot!
The Jacks Book
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The Jacks Book: Another in the Workman Press's series, we don't know what's better: the book itself which explains the games, or high-quality metal jacks--and little ball--that are supplied!

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