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Your First Kiss

First Kiss
Do you recall your first kiss?
The following stories were submitted by readers in response to our "First Kiss" contest.

First prize: "Love in the back of the bus"
by Ira Gross

During the summer of 1964 entering the 5th grade, I was one of the few Jews attending the Flatbush Y.M.C.A. near the "Junction" in Brooklyn... and so was Sandy Weiner. We were on the yellow bus on the way home.

We had a very exciting day picnicking and playing games in Clove Lake Park in S.I. Sandy and I knew and liked each other for about 3 weeks. I was sitting in the back of the bus (where all the cool kids hung out) when I made my move. I really didn't know it was a move until all my friends told me it was. She was sitting next to me. She had a little smudge mark on her cheek. I leaned closer to her and wiped the dirt off with a semi-used tissue... and then I kissed her on the cheek. She looked at me and gave me one of those cute smiles of hers. I was a puddle of protoplasm. She leaned towards me. I closed my eyes and went straight for her lips. Thank God I made contact with the right body part. Her lips were moist and soft. I was lost in space and time. But was abruptly snapped to my senses by a loud and long "ooooh" from half the bus.

From that moment on I was the coolest 10 year old around... and Sandy was my girl.

Runner up: "I saw fireworks"
by Lois Demmer

My first real kiss came from my "dream" date. I was in eighth grade and he was a big "freshman" in high school. Some friends of his told me he was interested in my during a high school football game. He was stunning! And in high school! I walked on cloud nine. The following night we met at a local pizza parlor (right around the corner from my house).

All of our friends ended up in my yard by the end of the night playing a game of touch football. And then, right in the middle of my yard, and in the middle of the game, for all to see - he kissed me! A 'real' kiss! I actually saw fireworks! (just like the Brady Bunch episode). I was so nervous that my father would look out and see us and flip his lid! But it was wonderful! We dated a few months and nothing ever became of us as a couple. But I'll never forget my first real kiss from an "older man."

Runner up: "Forbidden bungalow"
by Mollie Friedman

Oddly enough, I don't recall my first kiss, but I do remember Rosalie and Murray's, in 1965, at the Crown Bungalow Colony in "upstate" New York. This was where well-meaning Jewish immigrant mothers herded their young charges to escape the sweltering city heat and breathe fresh air.

When it was announced that Rosalie and Murray (age 12 and "in love," at least on Rosalie's part) would be attempting this first ritual in what would eventually become their mating dance, the thrill of witnessing the forbidden unknown shot through my gang of preadolescents. We rumbled through the woods like a crazed horde from Lord of the Flies -- only Catskills style, with bouncing flashlights and Sabbath supper hot on our breath -- to witness the great event.

I never saw the actual meeting of lips, executed under a blanket in the dark of an empty cabin, but I do remember Rosalie's self-satisfied smile and exultant cry as she ran out the door: "We did it!"

P.S. Rosalie and Murray are married today.

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