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2000 NYC Stickball Classic
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Brooklyn Classic

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Councilman Marty Golden, running between Stickball and Bocce - now that is NY!
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Councilman Marty Golden, running between Stickball and Bocce. How Brooklyn can you get?

Fellow Employees and now Teamates.
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Paetec's Stickball crew.

September 16 - Stickball Classic - People News

Fran Sliwa on Deck.
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Fran Sliwa up on deck

Power Hitter

Would Curtis Sliwa ever have become the "Commissioner of Stickball" without his mom? No way! Here Fran Sliwa demonstrates a fierce batting stance for fans at the Brooklyn Stickball Classic. Move back those fences.

Making the Rounds

This week's games had a distinct local feel. The Bay Ridge Auto Group co-sponsored the event and was there with other fans cheering on the local teams. Councilman Marty Golden also stopped by to catch a bit of the action. After meeting some of the fans and seeing the Brooklyn All Stars take a big opening lead in the first inning, the councilman left for his next event (the Brooklyn Bocce Championship). As soon as the councilman left, the All Star's luck changed and the Youngbloods came roaring back. Guys, next time, have the big-wigs show up towards the end of the game!

A Rookie to the Game

Jack Perry lives in Rochester with a second home in White Plains, closer to his job. Not coming from the NYC area, Jack has heard of stickball but never had the chance to play. "It's not a popular game up in Rochester," he said. Still, when he overheard some of this fellow employees talking about putting together a team to enter the Stickball Classic, Jack said to count him in.

As you might guess, Jack's team, the Do Wallops did not take the Brooklyn Stickball crown, still Jack enjoyed his first stickball experience. Besides, as it happens, no sooner had the guys started talking about the event, than Jack picked up some Spaldeens, being sold at the local store. Jack, now that you've purchased an official ball and taken your first shots, get a good broomstick and start practicing for next year's games. Home | What's New | Sitemap | About Us | Contact us
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