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We give you our best shots
Yogi Berra plays skully
Click for bigger picture
Yogi Berra plays skully in this promotional picture for Yoo-Hoo.
Kids playing deadbox
Click for bigger picture
Kids playing deadbox, a variant of skully popular in Philadelphia, PA.
Police observe skully game
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Police oversee a skully game during the 1998 Back to Brooklyn festival.
Kids playing skully
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Kids are filled with wonder watching their cohort go from "threes" to "fours."
Streetplay staffer McNally takes on challenge from Queens guy in green shirt
Click for bigger picture
Streetplay staffer Hugh McNally (shooting) takes on challenge from Queens guy in green shirt (1999 Back to Brooklyn festival)
Skully tutelage
Click for bigger picture
Teaching finger flipping technique as grandmother looks on (1999 Back to Brooklyn festival)
Kids gather around old Irish guy
Click for bigger picture
Starting a new generation of kids at skully (1999 Back to Brooklyn festival)

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