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St. Albans Handball Association
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SAHA is known for hosting top Big Blue Events Dave Rojas at this year's King of the Courts

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Officers of the St. Albans Handball Association
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Gladys Miranda, Dwight Worley, Barbara Spivey and Anthony Cole

Big Blue Blossums in Queens

The St. Albans Handball Association is probably the most well known and active Big Blue organization around. It began with a group of players who used to play at St Albans Park, located on Sayres and Merrick Blvd. The park had a reputation for having good competitions and tough money games. Top players would come down, but the competitions were usually just between individuals. During the '80s several people suggsted creating a tournament, and the St. Albans Handball Association (SAHA) was born.

As word spread, the organization grew too big for the park, with its 4 handball courts. Luckily the City had just completed the Roy Wilkens Park further down on Merrick and Baisley. With its 6 courts and wide adjoining picnic area, the Roy Wilkens Park has served as SAHA's home since 1996.

SAHA hosts a number of tournaments throughout the year including the King and Queen of the Courts, traditionally considered Big Blue's most prestigious events. This year they were one of the handball associations that partnered with the Parks Dept to co-sponsor the NYC Big Blue Championship, the largest Big Blue tournament ever held.

The SAHA officers include:

  • Dwight Worley - President
  • Barbara Spivey - Vice President
  • Gladys Miranda - Marketing
  • Karen McConney - Public Relations
  • Anthony Cole - Treasurer

    For additional information contact 917-808-0410 or e-mail

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