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Streetplay behind the scenes at Knockaround Guys
Handball goes mainstream at the movies
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How many friends can you trust to play handball?

Dennis Hopper plays handball
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Dennis Hopper plays handball in Knockaround Guys
The movie Knockaround Guys, including scenes of Dennis Hopper and John Malkovich playing handball, was released in October 2002. The film is about the son of a mob boss trying to take on greater responsibility within the family business. Dennis Hopper plays the boss and John Malkovich, the uncle.

On 10/16/1999, the Knockaround Guys crew was at the handball courts on Surf Avenue in Coney Island to shoot some scenes. Albert Apuzzi, a longtime handball champion, acted as consultant for the production company. He brought in handball pros to tutor the actors and to make cameo appearances in movie. Eddie Maisonet, a doubles champion, had a role playing a handball game against Dennis Hopper. Now that's a matchup!

Streetplay was there for the shoot; of course we took pictures, and got some more from professional photographer Holly Koffler-Wooley. Use these links to see all the action:

• A Streetplay photo essay, featuring Holly Koffler-Wooley's work

• Photos of the actors

• Photos of the handball pros

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