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NYC 2001 Big Blue Championship
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Spectators watching the Men's Doubles Finals were treated to one of the greatest matches played
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Spectators watching the Men's Doubles Finals were treated to one of the greatest matches played

Double Match Shows Sport at its Best
NYC Parks June 9,10 2001

A tremendous doubles finals was the crowning touch in this year's NYC Big Blue Championship. "I've been watching handball for 46 years and this was the best match I've ever seen," said Dwight Worley, a solid player, president of SAHA, and one of handballs top analysts. "Two of the best players in the game Ray Lopez and Robert Sostre were playing like super A's. You expect these guys to play well, but they were flawless. Their partners, Shawn and Ervin were also on their game. It was incredible."

Rob and Ervin went in as 3 point favorites, since they've been a steady team for awhile. Ray and Shawn have played together, but had not yet made their major mark. They've made it now with their spectacular 21-19 victory.

Over 300 people witnessed what will be known as one of the historic games in the history of the sport. And key parts of that historic game were taped and are available over the net. Watching this action should generate a lot of new handball fans.

Consider the soon to be legendary 4 minute volley that was the highlight of the game (see the clip). We pick up the action midway. Rob had been trying to go to Shawn, but Shawn was bringing everything back. Then Shawn and Ervin started going back and forth. After several rounds Shawn lobbed what seemed like a sure point over Ervin's head. Just as the spectators began clapping in appreciation of the shot and point Rob ran the ball down and with his back towards the court make a miraculous return. The crowd screamed; Ray shot back a spectacular spike, but Rob ran off the fence, from the right to left side to return the ball. Ray hit the ball to the middle, this time Rob dives and returns. Shawn lobs it to the other side, Ervin chases this one down. After several more returns Shawn finally kills it up the line with his left! The crowd roared in appreciation.

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