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Let's party

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Jumprope is a natural display of girl power, as we see here during the 2000 Back to Brooklyn Festival.

As if playing in the street isn't fun enough, we try to bring even more cyber-goofiness into your life. Here's the 411.

Fun & Games on Streetplay
  • Contests
  • OK, we're not Publishers' Clearinghouse, but we do run contests with modest prizes. All we ask you to do is write a story about a given topic (like "Favorite Father's Day Memory"), and we judge the best. Hey, you might win $50 and get published here!

  • Humor
  • Yeah, we think we're funny. In a good way, that it. But you be the judge: visit our humor section and see if it cracks you up.

  • Polls
  • The voice of the people rules... tell us what you think about a variety of topics. And please, tell us if you have any ideas for new polls.

  • Postcards
  • Want to share the spirit of Streetplay with a friend? Send them one of our electronic postcards, featuring a variety of images from our site.

  • The Koncrete Kids
  • Our exclusive comic strip from the slightly off-center mind (again, in a good way) of Donald Jefferes.

  • Our Finances
  • On most sites, the financial section is dead serious. On Streetplay--we assure you--it's a joke. See why we're broke by visiting this section!

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