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• How I got money as a kid
• Memories of Dad
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Official rules and regulations
Streetplay asks you to provide your name and e-mail address when entering a contest. The information we collect will not be shared with any other organization. Streetplay may use your e-mail address to send informational material about the site; you can opt out of receiving e-mail about anything other than a contest you've entered by including that preference in your entry (if appropriate) or by e-mailing

Decisions of the Streetplay staff are final. One entry per human per contest, please. Contest entries from duplicated e-mail addresses will be ignored. Anyone found to be entering any one contest more than once will be disqualified. Contest deadline dates refer to 11:59pm of that date in the time zone of the contestant (unless otherwise specified).

Streetplay reserves the right to reject entries with content that is objectionable. We can't define objectionable, but we know it when we read it. We are a PG rated site--please don't use language you wouldn't hear on The Simpsons and don't chronicle any bizarre acts, sexual or otherwise.

All contest entries become the possession of We reserve the right to publish any entries on this web site, or use them in any other related material. Publication of the contestant's name and e-mail address will be withheld upon request.

Our contests are open to anyone 18 or over. Streetplay staff members and their immediate families are not eligible. If interest in a particular contest is low (fewer than 10 contestants), Streetplay reserves the right to cancel the contest and not award a prize. We hope this doesn't ever happen--it's sad when you give away stuff and no one cares.

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