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The Streetplay Fifty/Fifty
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We're talking cash!

2 $50 bills
It's all about the Ulysseses, baby.
By running contests, Streetplay is trying to realize the goal of our business plan, that is, to lose an increasing amount of money each month. But we also have our values of giving back to community. So we made our contest prizes do that, too!

If you win a Streetplay contest, you'll get $50, and we'll donate $50 to the children's charity of your choice. If you don't specify a charity, we'll donate the cash to the New York City Police Athletic League, or another organization dedicated to helping kids through sports (we'll specify when each prize is awarded). Streetplay reserves the final decision on the donation recipient--just in case we get a numbskull who tells us to donate to the Bowling Skinheads of America or something! Home | What's New | Sitemap | About Us | Contact us
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