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While something like a computer or a DVD player isn't strictly streetplay, you can really help by making a big purchase through the links you'll find here. Buying something from here helps us stay alive because these vendors will give us a commission on sales they make from our referral.

We've selected big-name vendors that you can trust. If you take the plunge and use one of these links, we'll be forever thankful!

We at Streetplay know Apple, own Apple, and are now extremely happy to encourage you to buy Apple through the Streetplay Store. Whether you want the supercool iPod, a portable PowerBook or iBook, or a sleek, swift G5 Desktop, the Apple Store is the best place for you to shop!

Dell for Home Whether it's a spanking-new desktop to replace your old clunker, or a slick notebook to take with you to the handball court, Dell can put together a great PC for you. Streetplay is happy to recommend their products.

0100_001C has been an online hardware/software vendor since 1997, and they're still among the best. Their huge selection of products--including computers, software, and cellphones--along with great prices and fast shipping, makes one of our favorite go-to companies for tech needs.

Gateway 100x100 "You've got a friend in the business." That's Gateway's motto, and they've been around long enough producing high-quality systems to back it up. Get yourself a new desktop or notebook and become one with the cow-patch set.

DVD players at Amazon Isn't it about time you got a DVD player? Our friends at Amazon have a great selection of them. While you're at it (or if you already have a player), check out Amazon's Hot 100 DVDs list!

PDAs at
There's nothing worse than showing up at the stickball game on the wrong day. You avoid all kinds of faux pas by using what the nerds call a "personal digital assistant" (PDA for short). Amazon carries them all, from Palm to iPaq and lots in-between.

The best part? Once you get your PDA, you can upload Streetplay rulesheets to it... just in case you need a ruling at the critical point of a skully game.

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