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The Journey (BIRA - Children's Games in the Amazon Region)

Hammock String Figure
Click for bigger picture

One of the Karipuna chief's 45 grandchildren in a village near Oiapoque. She is showing us a "hammock" string figure (photo by David Reeks).

Between July 4 and December 15, 2001 we traveled through the states of Amapá, Pará, Amazonas, Roraima, Acre, and Rondonia. In this time, we visited 12 riverside and 3 indigenous communities.

The whole trip was made on public transport, i.e., boat, bus and plane, as we always made it a priority to integrate into the local reality. When in the communities, we stayed in the houses of community members, that in turn did everything they could to show us their day-to-day lives. This enabled us to exchange cultural platitudes and to initiate deep friendships.

Averaging 10 days per community, we organized our visits to guarantee real and constructive bonds for both parts involved. We always made our project objectives very clear and invited all of the community members to believe that in uniting our forces, we could begin shortening the physical and social distances so present in this country.

Trip Itinerary

BIRA Trip Itinerary

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