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Peewee and Chic, finalists in OOHA B Pyramid Peewee and Chic, finalists in OOHA B Pyramid


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Peewee showing reason for power
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Peewee in his classic pose

Peewee Routs all in B Pyramid Event
Aug 20, 2000

Most players in the NYC Big Blue game know that Peewee's game has consistently improved over the past few years and that he is no longer a B level player. The OOHA B Pyramid Event should put to rest any doubts on this issue.

Peewee has won previous B tournaments and was slated to leave the B Division. However, he was let in to this competition after a vote of OOHA members, the players themselves. The members might have had second thoughts once the games got going. Peewee zipped a guy, left a semifinalist on 7 and left the finalist (Chic) on 1. The lopsidedness of the finals score might have been partially the fact that by the time he had reached the final match, Chic had already played 5 games. Peewee's high seed in the tournament allowed him to pass the opening rounds

Kenny from Elmhurst came in 3rd and Izzy from the Bronx came in 4th. 1st prize was $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $50, and 4th. The event had close to 60 contestants and ran from 11:00 till the night.

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