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1999 Handball - Lincoln Terrace Tournament
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OOHA's Lincoln Terrace Tournament

Oct 2, 1999
The OOHA (Our Own Handball Association) hosted a well attended tournament this weekend in Brooklyn's Lincoln Terrace Park. The tournament included Mens and Women's Doubles, Big Pump Ball, a Junior competition and Duck Doubles (people who haven't won a tournament).

Herman & Jose won the men's doubles over Peewee and Oscar. Tracy & Adrienne won the womens doubles over Angie & Tyhessia. Junior & Urkel won the B-C doubles over Phat Kat and Jason. And Bob, playing by himself beat all challengers in the Big Pump Ball.

Although this was the first year of the event, it drew a large group of players from throughout the city. Over $700 in prize money was given out to the winners. The prizes are particularly noteworthy considering that the OOHA has been totally supported by member's funds.

With the success of the Lincoln Terrace tournament and the B player event held earlier in the month in Queens, the OOHA has clearly established itself as a powerful force for Big Blue players.

For more information call (718)-465-7328 or E-Mail

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