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NYC Big Blue Championship
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NYC Big Blue
Big Blue Poster Some Double Dutch action behind the scenes

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Ball Tricks5 Handball champs cooling off in the shade

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Fast Eddie's Coverage of the Big Blue Championship

Double Dutch action
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101 tricks with a bouncing ball - by Ken Ginty

Side Action at the NYC Big Blue Championships

You can't get a bunch of NY players and fans together at a park event without great side interactions. Distractions range from fans having the opportunity of getting together with former handball champions like Carl Obert, Albert Apuzzi and others, to a refresher course on jumprope.

A good crowd estimated at over 300 people turned out to watch the finals. Spirits were high in response to the great turnout and top notch play.

A special thanks to Ken Ginty (longtime National Champion in Small Ball) who proudly discussed winning the Ballantine Beer "Chinese Handball Championship (a.k.a. Ace King Queen) back in 1973. Ken also demonstrated a whole slew of ball tricks to perfect while waiting for an open court.

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