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Streetplay at the Smithsonian
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Streetplay at the Smithsonian: Section guide
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A splendid time was had by all

So many people came by and had fun with us at the 2001 Folklife Festival, it's hard to capture the enormity of it. But we'll try anyway...

Lefty making shot
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Ace-King-Queen: As soon as graffiti muralists Tats Cru finished their bogeda mural, we moved in and started what felt like an 8-day marathon game of Ace-King-Queen. You may call it Chinese Handball, and you might not play with boxes, but literally hundreds got a great start on our court.
Kid making shot
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Skully: OK, we used to play it on the street and drew the board with chalk. But the plywood-and-electrical-tape DC version worked great! People young and old were fascinated by this most unique of city games--a lot of newcomers were great at it, too! And yes--you can call it skelly.
Nice lady swings and misses
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Stickball: The grass made for some interesting bounces, but the most essential of street games, stickball, ruled the festival. We played all varieties, from fast-pitch to fungo--and even imported the NYC big boys on one weekend to play a game announced by none other than Guardian Angel founder Curtis Sliwa.
Old man making claims
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Stoopball: We played for points. We played like baseball. But mostly, we just played and played. And for anyone who thinks this might be a sport for wimps, we'd invite you to try it--especially when you have to navigate tent poles in center field!
Spiderman teaching marbles
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But wait, there's more: We played Chinese Jumprope, marbles, flipping-cards, and many other games at the festival. We've added some shots here--and we'll add more as we get them from the many people taking pictures of us.

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