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Streetplay at the Smithsonian
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A shout out to all who made this possible

Streetplay staff
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Our gang. Row 1 (front): Hugh McNally, Julia Greene; row 2: Damian Orencei, Jared Miller, Joshua Fields, Daniel Greene; row 3: Mick Greene, Lori Brandston.
The Smithsonian Folklife Festival is a huge undertaking, costing millions and occupying the time of many fine people. Here's our attempt to thank folks for making our contribution to the event a big success.

To Nancy Groce, the curator of New York City at the Smithsonian, thanks not just for asking us to come, but for keeping a cool head and high energy level through an intense two weeks. To Stephen Kidd, thanks for getting the specs correct for our stoop and skully board--the concrete in the middle of the Mall made us feel right at home. And to Rob Schneider, thanks for setting up our big stickball game closer to the Capitol building, and enduring all the Deuce Bigalow jokes.

It would have been impossible to run our games without our teenage volunteers, Damian Orencei, Jared Miller, and Joshua Fields. With youth and agile minds in their favor, these guys learned all the games in fast Streetplay fashion and were able to teach them to anyone who came by--even in the extreme summer clime of Washington.

And last, but not least, we want to thank the little people... all the kids who came by and played. We hope you had fun, and that you go home, teach your friends all these games, and keep playing. That's what Streetplay is all about.

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