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Cricket: 1999 CSA Championship
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Assassins - This year's Champions

Belair - Last Year's Winners

Untouchables Won Summer Competition

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Assassins Emerge as Champions of Caribbean Softball Association

Wickets, batsmen, bowlers, and stumps might not be familiar terms to many of Streetplay's readers, but they are increasingly being heard in the parks of New York City. Cricket is gaining a foothold in the Big Apple.

Last week, the Caribbean Softball Association (CSA), a NY based league composed of 28 teams, had its championship game. The Assassins (one of the only teams from the Bronx) defeated Belair, a Queens based team, to take "Mini World Cup." (see Streetplay's coverage of the CSA Awards Dinner)

Cricket is played throughout the globe in countries that were former British colonies. It is very popular in the West Indies and most of the players in the CSA come from this region, particularly from the nation of Guyana. Professional games take 5 days to complete, but here a more abridged version is played. Games are one inning long, with each team getting one session at bat. An at bat consists of 10 outs (also known as wickets) or 25 overs. Each over contains 6 pitches. The team that scores the most runs during its 25 overs is the winner.

In the championship game, Belair took first strike and made 75 runs. The Assassins replied with 76 runs winning in 15 overs and by 8 wickets. In other words, they had gotten only 2 outs out of a possible 10 and had 10 overs left of 25 to go.

Belair had defeated the Untouchables the previous week. The Untouchables batting first made 105 runs and Belair replied with 106 in 15 overs winning by 8 wickets. The Assassins had defeated Essequibo the week before in their semi-final match, making 145 on the first strike in their allotted 25 overs. Essequibo replied with 79 runs.

The Caribbean Softball Association has three tournaments each year. The Assassins won the spring and fall tournaments and the Untouchables were the winners in the summer. The annual awards dinner will be held on Saturday November 13th in Gujarati Center 173-15 Horace Harding Expressway at 7:00 pm. The dinner will honor winners for full year and will also include song, dance, wonderful food and a full evening of fun.

If you're interested in attending the dinner or joining the league contact Sham Samaroo, the Association's Secretary at (718) 848-6060.

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