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1999 CSA Awards
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Assassins - Most Winning Team

Ravi Persaud - This Year's Most Valuable Player

Essequibo - Respectable Showing In First Year

Awards for the Little League

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CSA Presents Awards for 1999 Season

Over 500 people attended the Caribbean Softball Association's (CSA) award dinner on Saturday November 13. The main event was the acknowledgement of a great season and the distribution of trophies to this years outstanding teams and players. The evening also included lots of wonderful food and dancing that lasted late into the night.

The CSA prides itself for its community spirit and family values. At the culmination of the awards ceremony Danny Budhram, President of the Association stressed the need to be thankful for our blessings in life and to keep an open heart for those less fortunate. He spoke with pride of the Association's support for Breast Cancer Research. Danny promised that the CSA would continue to include family values and community responsibility as part of its focus. The opening awards, presented to members of the CSA Little League demonstrated this commitment.

In a related theme, this year the CSA also recognized good conduct on the field by giving out its first sportsmanship award. The award was determined by the umpires who ranked the conduct of the teams during each game of play. Teams were judged by their sense of fair play, togetherness and appreciation towards their opponents. Park Lane, was the winner of the Division II teams, Belair the winner in Division I. According to Sham Samaroo, Belair's manager, Cricket has always been a gentleman's game. He said "Over the past few year's we've all seen the growth in "trash talk" and un-sportsman like conduct on the basketball, baseball and football fields. We want to send a message that this conduct is not accepted in our sport."

Awards for the Fall Competition
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The CSA's Fall Tournament, is also known as the Mini World Cup. Like the International Cricket Council's World Cup held last June, the competition begins as a round robin from which 8 teams qualify for the Knockout Round.

Division II
The Cheddi Jagan Braves won the Division II competition, with second place going to EZ Printing and the Legend Cricket Club capturing third. Mohammed Sadick of the Wildfire club was selected as the top player for the preliminary round and Gowkarran Kundan of the EZ Printing Club was selected as the top player of the Super Eight (Knockoff Round).

Division I
The Assassains were the victors in the Division I competition, with the Belair Cricket Club taking second place and the Untouchables coming in third. Rishi Singh from the PDC Cricket Club was selected as the top preliminary player. Brooks Prashad of Belair was awarded the trophy as top player in the Knockout round.

Awards for the Summer Tournament

The summer tournament is a 25 overs round robin event held throughout July and August

Division II
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The Blazers Cricket Club took the top prize, with Park Lane coming in second and Wakefield capturing third. The Best Batsman of the tournament was Deo Bhikham of the Buccaneers, the Best Bowler was Jerry Singh of Wakefield and the Most Valuable Player of the final round was Anand Hargobin of the Blazers.

Division I
(Sponsored by Cricket International)

The winners for the summer tournament were the Untouchables, with the Assassins finishing second and Everest taking third place. The Most Outstanding Batsman of the tournament was Ravi Persaud of the Assassins. Brooks Prashad of Belair was the Best Bowler of the tournamet and the Most Valuable Player of the final round was Jagdesh Arjune of the Untouchables.

Awards for the Spring Tournament
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The Spring 30 Overs Round Robin Championship is considered the CSA's premiere tournament. This year the Assassins were the winners with Essequibo taking second place and Unpredictable claiming third

Individual awards included:
Most Outstanding Batsman - Ravi Persaud of the Assassins with 278 runs.

Most Outstanding Bowler - Arnold Gulliver of Essequibo with a bowling average of 17 for 85 (5.0).

Most Valuable Player - Ravi Persaud was both the MVP of the final and the MVP of the tournament.

In addition, there were three century makers in this tournament:
Vinod Persaud of Nirvana with 103, Ravi Persaud of the Assassins with 114 and Ravi Mangal of PDC with 123 n.o.

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