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The Streetplay Bounce-Off
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The esteemed panel
Meet our cracker jack team of experts who will rank the rubber balls in the Streetplay's Official "Big Ball Bounce-Off." Let us know your suggestions for this product review and chek in for our results.

"Mister Cool" - Quin Glover
Subdued, mellow, intellectual, web savvy. Recreational activities include listening to jazz, reading a good book or playing a game of tackle (no equipment).

"Soccer Mom" - Lori B.
Wake up, work out, make breakfast, drive kids to school, buy groceries, pay bills, pick up the kids, dance, soccer, little league, supper, homework, bedtime - quality time with hubby? CRASH

"Web Diva" - Lee Weal
"Make it plain, make it simple and let's cut to the chase. The only diminishing resource is my time. Don't bother with the hype. The real deal - please!"

"Baby Boomer" - Fred Leich
"Wow, it's been a long time since I thought of this. We played those games all day, everyday. Very cool. This could be big. Have you thought about a marketing campaign? Perhaps free latte?"

"Old Irish Guy" - Mike Finnigan
They want how much for these balls? Back when I grew up we payed a dime! And to no one even had that! Yeah, those were the days. Let me tell you about one time when I walked 11 miles to save the 15 cents token fare...

Suggestions for the Streetplay's Big Ball Bounce-Off

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