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1999 McManus Competition
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1999 Summer Stickball

For over sixty years, the McManus bar (aka Peter McManus Cafe) on 19th and 7th has been a neighborhood fixture in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. For the past thirty years, the bar has run two organized stickball games a year on the Sundays following Father's Day and Labor Day.

The event brings in some of the old-timers who used to be in the neighborhood. Games are just for fun, but are taken pretty seriously by participants. Arguments about close calls can get intense. Still, everyone is welcome to play, the beer and food are free. This year, the event was also used to help raise money for the family of one of the employees who had just passed away.

To the folks at McManus, thanks for having us over. We appreciated the game and hope you enjoyed the kids and the hula hoops!

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