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Streetplay's Summer Fun - Posted June 20th

This summer Streetplay will be touring NYC and surrounding areas to report on and promote the many games mentioned in this site. We'll be coming to play stickball, boxball, hopscotch and do the Hula Hoop. We'll also be raising money for kid related activities & charities, and will be giving away prizes for great stories or pics as part of the "Streetplay Replay, Blast From the Past." Stay tuned for more information."

If you have a game or event that you would like to invite us to, please send e-mail to:

Charity Stickball Game - Posted June 6 is making its live debut at this year's Back to Brooklyn Festival on Sunday June 13 from 12:00 - 5:00. This is the 17th year of this great event that expects to attract 250,000 to 300,000 participants. The upcoming festival's theme is a Kids Expo, celebrating the children of Brooklyn's vibrant, diverse neighborhoods with fun contests and challenges. The festival will also recognize the centennial of the Brooklyn Children's Museum, the world's first museum created expressly for kids (information about about Back to Brooklyn).

One of the highlights of the fair will be a benefit stickball event hosted by We expect to have a really choice spot, right in the middle of all the action. Fair goers will be invited to pick up an "official stickball bat" and take a good whack at a rubber ball, either fungo or single bounce pitched. We'll be charging folks for the shot with proceeds going to support the Park Slope Little League and Police Athletic League's sports programs.

Pretty cool - but that's not all! Hugh McNally, the Masta Blasta himself will host a skully game, tutoring the uninitiated and taking on all challengers. We also hoping that some of you will join us to lead or participate in boxball, hopscotch and other great games featured on the site (any volunteers?)

Let us know if you are planning to be there. It would be great to meet some of the people who have visited and contributed to the site. Please contact us if you would be interested in showing the ropes to some of the younger fair goers or if you have any ideas on what to do at the event. We're also looking to attend a couple of other street festivals this summer in Northeastern cities. Let us know if there is a special one you'd recommend.

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