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Handball - 1999 National Championship
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United States Handball Association (USHA)

USHA Tournaments Results Discussion

Special Thanks to
Albert Apuzzi Jr.
for the information and analysis on this page

National One-Wall Championships

BROOKLYN NY, Aug. 5-8 1999
The 39th Annual USHA National One-Wall Championships concluded Sunday, but not until all matches were moved indoors due to some much-needed rain finally arriving in the Big Apple. After a three-hour delay, matches started at the Hebrew Educational Society (HES) on Seaview Ave., in Brooklyn. The HES proved an excellent stage for the most important one-wall matches of the year.

Highlights included Joe Kaplan overcoming the experience and great play of Mighty Joe Durso in the Menís Open, while four-waller Priscilla Shumate impressed the crowds with her power and control in the different setting.

It was a bit of the old and new in the Seniors as Dan Maroney continued his reign in the singles, while ageless Al Torres finally entered an age division, teaming with Fred Sylvia to dominate the doubles. In Golden, Joe Agosto rallied to defeat two former champs as well as hustling Abe Haiman in the singles. In the 50 doubles, Mike Krell-Horvath won his fourth consecutive title with his title with his third different title.

This year, it was Mike Meltzer who teamed with Krell-Horvath to win his 10th USHA Masters title and join the Grand Masters. Meltzer became the second player to join the Grand Masters by winning titles in all three versions of the perfect game. The other player: none other than Max Lasskow, who won the 70-plus singles here. Following in their footsteps was Larry Shankweiler, who won the 65-plus singles here, a feat he duplicated at the four-wall nationals in June in Baltimore.

In a special presentation on Saturday in Coney Island, Artie Reyer, Al Torres and Dan Maroney were given their Grand Master sweaters. Coming from Tucson to administer this event would not be feasible without the help of our liaisons in one-wall: Commissioner Elliot Nadel, Albert Apuzzi, Holly Koffler, Dan Flickstein and Mike Meltzer and all the players who helped referee made this event a big success for USHA.

Men's Pro Singles:

First Round: Ed Maisonet, NY, d. Karl Muchow, NY, default; Kendell Lewis, NY, Eddie Archival, NY, 17, (6), 8; Joe Kaplan, NY, d. Danny Maroney, NY, 16 (16), 2; David Rojas, NY, Peter Garcia, NY, default; Robert Sostre, (17), 6, 3; Caesar Sala, NY, d. Jesus Ayala, NY, 4, 6; Joe Durso, NY, d. Danny Bell, Quebec, 6, 18; Tony Roberts, NY, d. Mohammed Shakoor, NY, default.

Quarterfinals: Lewis d. Maisonet, (15), 13, 4; Kaplan d. Rojas, (17), 7, 6; Sala d. Sostre, 7, (8), 1; Durso d. Roberts, 9, 12.

Semifinals: Kaplan d. Lewis, 7, 18; Durso d. Sala, 8, (19), 2.

Final: Kaplan d. Durso, 16, (9), 7.

Men's Pro Doubles:

Preliminary Round: Gabe Vasquez/Pete Pelligrini, NY, d. Eddie Archival/David Sheldon, NY, 14, 17; Jesus Ayala/Karl Muchow, NY d. Al Apuzzi/Ed Golden, NY, 17, 19.

Quarterfinals: Tony Roberts/Dave Rojas, d. Vasquez/Pelligrini, 18, 19; Eddie Maisonet/Paul Williams, NY, d. Emilio Sierra/Fred Sylvia, NY, 9, 18; Joe Kaplan/Caesar Sala, NY, d. Francisco Carbuccia/Kendell Lewis, NY, 7, (3), 10; Robert Sostre/Al Torres, NY, d. Ayala/Muchow, 7, 7.

Semifinals: Maisonet/Williams d. Roberts/Rojas, 8, (13), 6; Kaplan/Sala d. Sostre/Torres, (6), 14, 6.

Final: Maisonet/Williams d. Kaplan/Sala, 10, (12), 4.

Womenís Pro Singles:

First Round: Priscilla Shumate, Texas, d. Karen McConney, NY, 20, 4; Gladys Miranda, NY, d. Barbara Canton-Jackson, NY, 18, 19; Dori Ten, NY, d. Dee Stringfield, NY, 19, 12; Tracy Davis, NY, d. Sydell Smith, NY, 15, 13.

Semifinals: Shumate d. Miranda, 11, 12; Davis d. Ten, 19, (20), 6.

Final: Shumate d. Davis, 9, 16.

Womenís Doubles Round Robin:

First Place: Karen McConney/Adrian Floyd, NY, d. Dori Ten/Barbara Canton-Jackson, NY, 20, 11; Priscilla Shumate/Tracy Davis, TX/NY, 18, 13; Sydell Smith/Dee Stringfield, NY, default.
Second Place: Ten/Canton-Jackson d. Shumate/Davis, 5, 18-19, default; Smith/Stringfield, (14), 15, 6.
Third Place: Shumate/Davis d. Smith/Stringfield, 17, (19), 1.

Seniors Singles:

First Round: Dan Maroney, NY, bye; Abe Mantell, NY, d. Jim DeVito, Bloomingdale, Ill., 2, 2; Dan Vera, NY, d. Leo Dudin, NY, 13, 2; Neal Bocian, Mass., bye; Roger Casuso, NY, bye; John Peterson, NY, d. Phil Simmons, NY, 3, 5; Wes Cancel, NY, d. Joe Brusca, NY, 0, 4; Angel Maldonado, NY, bye.

Quarterfinals: Maroney d. Mantell, 6, 10; Vera d. Bocian, default; Casuso d. Peterson, (13), 13, 10; Maldonado d. Cancel, 10, 12.

Semifinals: Maroney d. Vera, 3, 10; Maldonado d. Casuso, 20, (17), 5-6, inj. def.

Final: Maroney d. Maldonado, 2, 14.

Seniors Doubles:

First Round: Mike Dikman/Mike Demetriou, NY, d. Rene Caraballo/Armando Duchesne, NY, (13), 18, 3; Joe Lomangino/Pete Pelligrini, NY, d. Pete Stefano/Frank Vignola, NY, 10, (15), 5; Sal Cataudella/Lester Morgan, NY, d. John Peterson/Danny Bell, NY/Can., (9), 8, 10; Al Torres/Fred Sylvia, NY, d. George Brandeburg/Dan Vera, NY, 0, 7.

Semifinals: Dikman/Demetriou d. Lomangino/Pelligrini, 14, 13; Torres/Sylvia d. Cataudella/Morgan, 9, 4.

Final: Torres/Sylvia d. Dikman/Demetriou, 5, 6.

Golden Singles:

Preliminary Round: Steve Kraft, NY, d. Fred Feit, NY, 10, 1; Ron Eaton, NY, d. Carl Cohen, NY, 20, (3), 10.

Quarterfinals: Graham Palmore, NY, d. Steve Kraft, ND, 17, 18; Joe Agosto, NY, d. Dan Flickstein, NY, 9, 12; Abe Haiman, NY, d. Dennis Uffer, NY, 8, (16), 8; Ron Eaton, NY, d. Tom Hopkins, NY, (5), 10, inj. def..

Semifinals: Agosto d. Palmore, 20, 10; Haiman d. Eaton, 8, 10.

Final: Agosto d. Haiman, (10), 7, 8.

Golden Doubles:

Preliminary Round: Artie Diamant/Artie Reyer, NY, d. Bernard Haynes/Abe Hairman, 6, 18; Ron Eaton/Steve Kraft, NY/ND, d. Graham Palmore, Dan Flickstein, NY, (13), 11, 3.

Semifinals: Joe Agosto/Dennis Uffer, NY, d. Diamant/Reyer, 10, (20), 10; Mike Krell-Horvath/Mike Meltzer, NY, d. Eaton/Kraft, 10, 12.

Final: Krell-Horvath/Meltzer d. Agosto/Uffer, 11, 13.

Super Singles:

Quarterfinals: Luciano Radoslovich, NY, d. Tom Adams, NY, 2, 12; Max Forcht, NY, d. Bert Trebach, NY, 9, 8; Tom Vitale, NY, d. Anver Suleiman, St. Petersburg, Fla., 6, 12; Jose DeJesus, NY, d. Ted Leitner, NY, 2, 1. Semifinals: Radoslovich d. Forcht, 8, 17; Vitale d. DeJesus, 11, 5. Final: Vitale d. Radoslovich, 9, 7. Veteran Super Singles: Preliminary Round: Sonny Schaefer, NY, d. Len Rubenstein, NY, 2, 8; Karl Diamond, NY, d. Lenny Aconsky, NY, 17, 6.

Semifinals: Larry Shankweiler, Allentown, Pa., d. Schaefer, 17, 3; Diamond d. Anver Suleiman, St. Petersburg, Fla., (16), 12, 2.

Final: Shankweiler d. Diamond, inj. def.

Veteran Super Doubles:

First Round: Dennis Sumner/Max Forcht, NY., bye; Sonny Schaefer/Larry Shankweiler, NY/Pa., d. Charles Hanson/Leona Feldberg, NY, 4, 10; Al Tomba/Sorrel Feldman, NY, d. Len Rubenstein/Howard Hoffman, NY, 5, 0; Karl Diamond/Nicholas Guele, NY, forfeit.

Semifinals: Sumner/Forcht d. Schaefer/Shankweiler, 9, 11; Feldman/Tomba d. Diamond/Guele, 15, 14.

Final: Feldman/Tomba d. Sumner/Forcht, (17), 18, 1.

Diamond Singles Round Robin:

First Place: Max Lasskow, NY, d. John Pressnick, NY, 2, default; Marvin Gewirtz, NY, default; Ed Clooney, NY, 7, 14; Second Place: Pressnick d. Gewirtz, 18, 18; Clooney, default. Third Place: Gewirtz d. Clooney, default.

B Singles:

Preliminary Round: Cristobal Ramos, NY, d. Adam Berwitz, NY, 11, (4), 8; Alvaro Rebaza, NY, d. Mike Alotta, New Tripoli, Pa., 15, 17; John Lee, NY, d. Tom Redzewick, NY, 7, 2; Shebi Palathinkal, NY, d. Adam Gittlitz, NY, 4, 14.

First Round: Frank Rivera, NY, d. Ramos, 3, 5; Rebaza d. Abe Mantell, NY, 17, 9; Keith Vassall, NY, d. Lee, 7,20; Raul Retian, NY, d. Palathinkal, 15, (16), 8.

Semifinals: Rivera d. Rebaza, 8, 7; Retian d. Vassall, 9, 19.

Final: Rivera d. Retian, 17, 11.

B Doubles:

Preliminary Round: John Baez/Anthony Bonilla, NY, d. Sal Coticelli/Mike Trowbridge, NY, 15, 9.

First Round: Rene Carabello/Armando Duchesne, NY, d. Joe Brusca/Chris Dudin, NY, 14, 9 John Lee/Misha Zitser, NY, d. Shebi Palathinkal/Alvaro Rebaza, NY, (14), 11, 5; Raul Retian/Keith Vassall, NY, d. Steve Natale/Chris Ramos, 11, 16; Mike Allotta/Oscar DeJesus, PA/NY, d. Baez/Bonilla, 8, (19), 7.

Semifinals: Carabella/Duchesne d. Lee/Zitser, 7, 8; Retian/Vassall d. Allotta/DeJesus, (17), 9, 5.

Final: Retian/Vassall d. Carabella/Duchesne, (9), 5, 2.

C Singles:

Preliminary Round: Sal Coticelli, NY, d. Jim DeVito, Bloomingdale, Ill., 2, 18; Steve Natale, Tucson, d. Leo Dudin, NY, 12, 12.

First Round: Chris Dudin, NY, d. Coticelli, 20, (14), 5; Eddie Kwak, NY, d. Tom Kopp, Iowa, 18, 15; Rudolfo Garcia, NY, d. Misha Zitser, NY, 20, (11), 8; Natale d. Gittlitz, 5, 0.

Semifinals: Kwak d. Dudin, (12), 9, 3; Natale d. Garcia, 14, (14), 9. Final: Kwak d. Natale, 11, 16.

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