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Handball - 1999 National Championship
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Champion's Perspective

Eddie Maisonet and Paul Williams, were the winners of this year's National Championships Open Men's Doubles. In addition to his prowess as a handball player, Eddie is also gaining expertise as an Internet reporter. Below is his story and an accompanying picture
Needless to say I was on fire in my finals against Joe Kaplan and Cesar Sala. Power was the key to my success as well as having a steady partner.

In the first game, Paul and I let everyone know why we were there. With ripping serves and power drives we managed to keep our opponents off balance through most of the game enabling us to capture a first game win(21-10).

The second game started with the same intensity the first game ended off with. Leading 2-0, Paul and I anticipated that we'd dominate the second game as we did the first. However, our opponents had other plans. Bouncing back with outstanding plays and awesome serves of there own, Joe and Ceaser outplayed us through some well earned long lasting volleys and took a 21-13 victory.

With no one willing to predict the outcome of the tiebreaker, Paul and I still remained confident we could put it all together one more time. The first few points went neck in neck as expected. With the score tied at 4, Paul manages 2 more points before getting down. As he handed me the ball he said "come on Eddie let's do it." I felt the confidence he had in me through his words which gave me the extra boost I needed to blitz a few more serves and kills passed our opponents to close out the match (11 - 4). National Champions once sweet it is!


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