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Handball - 1999 National Championship
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Aug 7, 1999
Players and Fans at this year's National Handball Championship were served notice; future stars of the game are emerging.

Fate introduced Pricella Shumate and Tracey Davis. The two players came in, ranked seventh and eighth for the tournament. Neither had previously taken a One-Wall tournament, though Priscella is considered one of the World's top Four-Wall Handball players. Early in the tournament, when Priscella and Tracey met, they decided to become teammates in the doubles. Today, they met as competitors in the Women's Singles Finals.

Priscilla a 24 year old Brazillian native, now living in Texas had impressed the field early in the tournament by defeating several highly ranked players who were unable to handle her serve. That power came through in today's match against Tracey, a 22 year old native of Coney Island. Volley points were about even, Priscella's serve was the difference in the game.

Three young players emerged in the top of the men's field and 25 year old Joe Kaplan, of Bensonheurst, winner of this years Mayoral Cup, became the National Winner as well.

Kaplan defeated Joe Durso, a handball legend in the mid-day center court game. Durso, who had been playing well throughout the tournament, weakened in the tie-breaker to go down to defeat. Durso's serve, a normally strong feature in his game, was particularly ineffective, probably due to the injury on his forefinger.

Kendell Lewis, a 25 year old player from East New York and Cesar Sala, 22 years old from Brighton Beach made the semi-finals. It is interesting to note that three of the men's four top players gained much of their experience and skill through the Inner City Handball Association. We'll learn more about that organization in an up-coming feature.

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