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Handball - 1999 St. Albans Blue Ball Championship
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Laying out the ground rules

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Promoting the Sport

Aug 1, 1999
Dwight Worley is a longtime handball player. Now that he's President of the St. Albans Handball Association he's less interested in playing and more concerned with helping to promote the sport.

According to Dwight, Handball is a great game, fast and exciting, However it's not really mainstream. We're trying to make it more popular and get the respect we feel it deserves.

Dwight believes as a starting point, the players need to conduct themselves properly. "We tell them that cursing and throwing tantrums on the court is unacceptable. They get a warning and then we either grant a point to the opponent or possibly declare them in forfeit of the game. We expect them to behave in a professional manner."

The organization of the event is also important. Dwight said "This is the 4th year that we've been hosting the tournament, and it keeps growing. We keep the day focused and award good cash prizes. We also spent over $90 for the Queen of the Court's trophies and sent the four top players champagne and a dozen roses."

Now that definitely adds some class to the game.

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