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Elmhurst "B" Doubles Handball Tournament

The Tournament to Benefit the NYC Junior Travel Team and Elmhurst Handball Club! All the proceeds if any will go to help NYC Juniors Play in Tournaments

Date: Sunday, May 27
Sign up: 10:00am - 11:00am

Entry fee: $25, late fee $15
NYHA Members Get a $5 Discount!
ICHA, OOHA, SAHA, USHA - One Discount per player!
USHA Rules will Apply Playing site: Park directly across from Elmhurst Hospital.

Train - E,F,R,G and No. 7 to 74st & Roosevelt Ave:

Car Take BQE to Roosevelt


  • First Place will Receive 50% of the Pot Up to $300
  • Second Place will Receive $20 of the Pot Up to $100
  • Third and Fourth will get money back

    For more information e-mail Mike Watson

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