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ICHA 1999 Awards Dinner
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ICHA - Inner City
Handball Association

USHA - United States
Handball Association

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More about the ICHA

The ICHA is a non profit 501C organization relies on the voluntary efforts of players and the generosity of contributors to conduct many of its programs. As we enter the year 2000, the ICHA wants to devote more time to expand programs and less time to fund-raising.

The ICHA plans to strengthen alliances with the Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation, New York Athletic Club, New York Sports Commission and Public Schools Athletic League and NYC Department of Parks and Recreation in order to continue making an impact on the quality of life for the youth of this city.

Tax deductible donations or sponsor leads can be sent to:
P.O. Box 531
Baldwin, NY 11510

For more information email

ICHA Hosts 1999 Awards Dinner

On Thursday Nov 18, the Inner City Handball Association (ICHA) held its annual awards dinner. Many of the top players in one-wall handball were in attendance as well as other long time players and supporters of the sport.

According to Paul Williams President of the ICHA "This is the ninth year that the ICHA has been in existence, providing services to the thousands of teen athletes at risk to drugs and violence. Since ICHA does not have full time staffers, social and fund raising events like this are particularly important. By gathering many of the key volunteers and players together, we can show our appreciation, talk about the successes of the past year and consider how we can work together to promote handball in the new millenium."

This year's award recipients were:

Contributor Awards

Ted Gewertz
Ted has been board member, important contributor and long-time supporter of the ICHA. In presenting the award, Paul recalled how Ted has been a vital force on many occasions, keeping ICHA afloat when it was really was down to the last dollar. He has also provided legal advice to the organization.

Berton Kossoff
Berton has been a friend and contributor to the ICHA for over five years, but he recently outdid himself. At the conclusion of last year's award ceremony, Berton won the $3,000 raffle, said a gracious thanks, and then gave it all back to the organization. Berton has played handball for over 50 years and is a longstanding member of the USHA.

Volunteer Awards

Holly Koffler-Wooley
Holly has been taking photos of major handball events throughout the nineties. In addition to capturing the drama and intensity of the game Holly has recorded some of the great moments of the sport. Her work appears regularly in the USHA Handball magazine and is also found online at the USHA and ICHA websites. Holly's photographs of the handball scene in the upcoming movie Knockaround Guys are currently being displayed in a photo essay here on Streetplay.

Nancy Ruiz
Nancy is helping the ICHA gain greater exposure by elevating the quality of the newsletter "The Perfect Game," its key print communication. Since its inception, the main issue of The Perfect Game has regularly been four pages long. Last year's newsletter was a highly professional paper, 12 pages in length. This award was presented in appreciation for last year's work and for the effort Nancy is providing this year as well.

Eddie Maisonet
Eddie is usually mentioned for his handball skills, but his design abilities are also noteworthy. In this years 12 page newsletter, the two page centerfold was a striking collage with action shots of the players. The ICHA wanted to thank Eddie for putting together the collage and his ability to use his design talents to contribute to the sport.

Player Awards

Ference Dominguez - Outstanding Junior Athlete
Ference has just turned 16, but he has already established himself as an upcoming star in the world of handball. This year he won both the one-wall and three-wall national championships. Learning the sport in the parks of Elmhurst Queens, Ference attributes his success to his desire to be the best at his game and to the support of his family and friends. Ference's involvement with the ICHA and his relationship with his coach Michael Watson has had a major impact on his goal of becoming a champion.

Joe Kaplan - Outstanding Alumni Athlete
Joe was a 15 year old handball player when he became one of the early members of the ICHA program. As the winner of this year's Mayor's Cup and National One-Wall Championship, Joe has established himself as this year's top player. Joe and Cesar Sala another ICHA alumni also won the 1999 Mayor's Cup Men's Doubles. Joe's rise to the top of the sport is testimony not only to his great skills, but to the quality of the ICHA program and the impact it is starting to have on the game.

Special Awards

Albert Apuzzi - The Jack Lynch Award
The "Jack Lynch" award is a new honor given by the ICHA at its annual event. This year, Dr. Alan Epstein presented the award to Albert Apuzzi a true champion. Albert a long time top player has also become a tireless advocate, assisting in tournaments, publicizing events and doing everything he can to help handball move forward. His dedication, warmth and intensity reflect the spirit of Jack Lynch, a true friend of the sport.

Finally, congratulations to Dwayne Sampson, winner of $3,000 for first prize in the ICHA raffle.

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