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Streetplay would like to thank the staff members of the American Museum of Natural History who coordinated and curated the display and the day's program. They include: Cynthia Pierce, Ellen Silberman, Melanie Kent, Pia Batista from the Education Deptartment and Naomi Goodman, from the Museum's Division of Anthorpology.


Identification Day


Games from around the World

Saturday, June 8, 2002



Museum scientists help identify your basement curios and garage-sale finds of natural and cultural objects. This year, the Museum's annual ID Day celebrates the exhibition Baseball As America, with Joshua Leland Evans, chairman and founder of Leland's sports auction house. In keeping with a theme of games, you can explore Games from around the World and participate in a series of hands-on activities, watch films and view a special display that takes us through the museum and around the world.

Program Guide

Hall of Birds of the Worlds, second floor

1:003/4 4:30 p.m.

Identification Day

Museum scientists identify natural and cultural objects


William Schiller, Dept. of Education

Rocks & Minerals

Jacob Mey & Rondi Davis,

Dept. of Earth and Planetary Science

Artifacts & Toys

Anibal Rodriquez & John S. Hansen,

Div. of Anthropology

Bones & Feathers

Paul R. Sweet, Div. of Invertebrate Zoology

and Collections Manager Ornithology


Susan Klofak, Div. of Paleontology

Fossils, Molds, Casts

Carl Mehling, Div. of Paleontology

Spiders & Insects

Tam Nguyen, Div. of Invertebrate Zoology

Lobster, Spider Crab, Deep-Sea Isopod

Chris Boyko, Div. of Invertebrate Zoology

Frogs, Alligator Skull, Snake

David Dickey, Div. of Invertebrate Zoology


Daniel Janies, Div. of Invertebrate Zoology

Baseball Treasures

Learn more about your baseball treasures with Joshua Leland Evans


A baseball subway series showdowns

Treasure Hunt

A self-guided activity in the Museum's cultural halls

(Pick up materials in the Hall of Birds of the World)

Leonhardt People Center, second floor

1:303/4 4:30 p.m.

The Art of Play

A special display of recycled toys from around the world

Reel Fun

A series of short films that look at urban games from checkers to jump rope

2:303/4 3:00 p.m.; repeated 4:003/4 4:30 p.m.

My Own Yard to Play In

Phil Lerner. 1959. 7 min. Video. New York

The vivid imagination and inventiveness of children transform the urban New York City landscape into an endless playground.

Street Wheels

Francisco Carneiro. 1997. 5 min. Video. Mozambique

In the streets of Mozambique, buses and cars compete with alternative transportation-the extraordinary inventions made by children from recycled garbage. A dynamic montage and percussive soundtrack set the raucous pace in this tribute to the ingenuity and creativity of children.

Skipping the Rope

Francisco Carneiro. 1997. 5 min. Video. Mozambique

Meet a group of high-stepping girls from Mozambique who try to stay on their feet as they skillfully demonstrate one of the more challenging versions of jump rope.

The Brooklyn Elite Checkers Club

Caroline Coe. 1992. 9 min. Video. Brooklyn.

A bit of local history and a lot of table action from a distinguished group of gentlemen who have made the game of pool checkers into a venerable Brooklyn institution.

Are You Game?

Learn the rules of different games and put them into play

1:303/4 2:30 p.m.; repeated 3:003/4 4:00 p.m.

Hand Games (Kiowa Nation, Oklahoma)

with A-dae Romero

The Kiowa hand game is a guessing game where players must find out in which hand an object is hidden. The fun begins when the teams cheer themselves on and distract one another with songs and dances. Stories are also told after the game is over.

String Figures from around the World

with Tom Cutrofello

String figures are designs made with a loop of string. Today, contemporary and traditional string figure designs are found all over the world, and they can be created as a form of artistic expression, storytelling, or even a good luck charm.

Calder Lab, second floor

First session: 1:303/4 2:45 p.m.; Second session: 3:003/4 4:15 p.m.

First Session: 1:303/4 2:45 p.m.

Yut Nori (Korea)

by Global Voices

Yut Nori is a Korean board game played with four halved round sticks that are tossed into the air. Scoring is based on how they land. This game is most commonly played with all family members on Lunar New Year's Day.

Skully, A Street Game (New York City)

with Hugh McNally

Skully, also known as skelly, skilsies, and skelsies, was one of the most popular street games in New York City back in the '50s and '60s. The game is played by shooting bottle caps onto a board drawn with chalk on the street and players use a whole language of skully-specific terms. (This game will be played inside the Museum.)

Second session: 3:003/4 4:15 p.m.

Shaagi, Anklebone Game (Mongolia)

with Mendsaikhan Baigalsaikhan

Shaagi, or anklebones, is a Mongolian game that is played most commonly with sheep and goat anklebones. When rolled like dice, anklebones can land on any of their four sides, named horse (mori), camel (temee), sheep (khoni), and goat (yamaa). Players can participate in a variety of strategy, shooting, and counting games.

Warri, A Strategy Game (West Africa and Caribbean)

with Robert Oba Cullins

Warri is a strategy board game similar to Mancala, also known as Awale and Owari. Two players use a wooden board with holes and seeds or beads. Both children and adults can enjoy this game since its rules are simple, yet its strategies are as complex as a chess game.

Discovery Room, first floor

1:003/4 4:30 p.m.

Classification Bingo

Memory Match

Totem pole jigsaw puzzle

North American mammals puzzle